News on the Homefront…

Well, I’ve been absent for quite sometime, and I have been missing my blogging friends and world.  I’ve got one child who will be leaving for college come fall, and the other two will follow next year.  I’ve been very busy with photography and it has blossomed into something resembling a job.  Last spring I began shooting cross country and track and field meets for  It’s a different kind of photography, fast paced and fairly exciting.  Plus, I get to watch my boys run when it is one of their meets.

This has led me to explore the option of launching a photography business.  I’ve flirted with sights like 500px and pixoto, trying to decide exactly what I wanted to do.  I also shot two weddings this past year, and hung some fine art in my husbands office. Last week I attended a photography conference, and after giving it much thought, I am going to give it a go.  I am in the process of designing a website, which I confess has given me fits.  Hopefully, it will be up and running by the end of the month.  Once it is, I will be migrating this blog to that website, or perhaps I will just link this blog to it.

I will, however, be picking back up my blogging habits in the near future.

Thank you everyone for hanging with me, and visiting my blog while I’ve been away.  I’m looking forward to 2014, and wish everyone a wonderful year to come!

In the meantime, I will leave you with a photo from the edge of Culloden field just outside of Inverness, Scotland:

On the Edge of Culloden Field

On the Edge of Culloden Field

© Vonne Arnel Gonce Photography, All Rights Reserved

Picture the World – Scotland

When I went to Scotland, I took over a thousand pictures, and that wasn’t nearly enough to convey the beauty of this country.  There is something so pleasing and soothing to the eyes in the lush green of their countryside.  However, it isn’t only the visual interest of the Scottish Countryside that I found appealing.  Scottish history is intriguing, complex, often violent and tremendously fascinating.  So when I learned from Madhu over at The Urge to Wander about the Picture the World Project on The Departure Board website,  I thought I’d have a look.

Since Scotland still seemed to be open, decided to send a picture for entry.

There are many things that are visually strong representatives of Scotland.  But my favorite is the Leanach Cottage on Culloden Moor.  This farmhouse stands on the edge of the site of the last battle of Scotland’s bid for independence that occurred on April 16, 1745.  The roof is simple thatched heather, the walls are stone and the floor is dirt.  There is a glimpse of the battlefield behind it where Bonnie Prince Charlie’s troops made their stand on a bitterly cold day and a moor sodden with rain.  A sobering experience to stand on this field, and imagine that day.

I nominate Travel Photography by Dmetrii Lezine for his wonderful photos of just about anywhere, and The Ego Tripper for the same reason.  Both well traveled, and great photos.  If you are interested in filling in some of the world pictures, just go to the link on the Departure Board in the first paragraph of this blog.