Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio means Old Bridge.  The original bridge was built by the Romans around 996 to cross the Arno River at it’s narrowest point, but was swept away in a flood nearly 100 years later.   It was rebuilt of stone and swept away in another flood in 1333, and rebuilt again in 1345.  The Upper portion was built in 1565 and is known today as the Vasariano Corridor which connects the Ufizzi Gallery and the Pitti Palace.

Bridge in Florence behind the Ponte Vecchio

4 responses to “Ponte Vecchio

  1. Fabulous photos of Florence. It’s somewhere in Italy I’ve never been but would love to.
    I’m confused by Arnel Gonce? I didn’t realise you had this blog too. Must pay more attention!

    • I actually started this one as a log for my travels. I hadn’t done much with it until I imported it from blogger. Then it took me a while to figure out how to put a link to each on the other. 🙂 Now, this one is getting a bit ignored. 🙂

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