Just a little story about rock climbing…

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3 years ago, the boys boy scout troop went to Nelson and Seneca Rocks in West Virginia to climb the Via Ferrata there.  A Via Ferrata, is a rock climbing system for people who aren’t experienced in free climbing.  Unfortunately, the age restriction of 13 prevented the twins who were a few months shy of their 13th birthday from climbing.  Bugs and DH were able to climb while the twins were stuck hiking the trails.

When they returned home Bugs and DH talked about how great the climb was, while the twins both drew long faces.  As I listened to the two talk about the climb, it peaked my interest and I kept thinking how awesome it sounded. I turned to Buzzard and Roo.

“I would like to do that!  How about we go again after you turn 13?”  This produced dead silence in the room.  DH said, “I don’t…

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